School Information

Classes and Pupil Numbers

The school has a PAN (Published Admission Number) of 90.  This means that we can admit up to 90 pupils in each year group, totalling 630 children in the school.  There are seven year groups including Foundation.  

For the academic year 2018-2019 we admitted 120 children into our Foundation Stage (currently in Y5).  This was a special circumstance following a request from Lincolnshire Country Council.  The council has built additional classrooms to accommodate the extra pupils over their seven years with us.  This was a one -off for that academic year and we have now returned to our PAN of 90.

Parents who are concerned by the size of the school are encouraged to visit to see how the school runs on a daily basis.  Each year group is situated in its own spacious area so that during lessons, children mix only with other children in their own year group.  Year groups also have their own playgrounds.

The latest classes and pupil numbers are listed on the attached document.