History is central to children’s understanding of the past, and how events within history have shaped their lives today and will influence their future. It should be fun and made to be relevant to the children, by working from starting points that are familiar to them. We will focus initially on local history but also look at History in Britain and the wider world.

We provide a curriculum that will interest and challenge children of all backgrounds, reflecting the culture and diversity of our world. It inspires our pupils to develop their enquiry skills, their assessment of the reliability of sources and encourages them to make connections with events today.  

Children will engage with History not just in the classroom, but gather new historical skills first hand on educational off-site visits. Children will be equipped to ask perceptive questions, think critically, consider evidence and evaluate their findings. The children will also understand the importance of chronology using resources such as timelines and artefacts, to see how events overlap and influence each other.

We can’t wait to inspire the next generation of historians!