My name is Mrs Ward and I am the subject leader for history at Malcolm Sargent Primary School. I am passionate about history because, not only is it important for children to learn about those (and what) has come before them, it helps them to make sense of the present as well as the past. It also helps pupils to appreciate the complexity and diversity of human societies and development.

The pupils at our school study 3 in-depth history topics a year, where they develop their skills and knowledge:

We believe in inspiring the children through hands-on teaching and engaging experiences as much as possible, so have a comprehensive set of historical artefacts and replicas to enhance our lessons.

We also invite historical experts in to conduct workshops with our pupils to provide them with rich, first-hand experiences, linked carefully with our skills and knowledge progression creating lasting memories and helping them to ‘learn more’, 'do more' and ‘remember more’.

We also conduct school visits and field trips, ensuring every year group has at least one historical field trip, closely aligned to the skills and knowledge they are learning in that year group.

Our history scheme provides the structure for our learning - ensuring a spiral of skills and knowledge which is built on year after year so that we have a good understanding of what has already been taught and what is next.

See the below link to our skills and knowledge progression document which details the coverage in each key stage.

If you have any queries about our history curriculum at Malcolm Sargent, or feel you have a particular historical skill/knowledge and would like to volunteer your time to run an assembly or workshop, contact us on or 01780 756056.