Administration of Medicine

The school office team will administer medication to children in certain circumstances ie if an antibiotic is required four times each day.  Please contact the office team or refer to the First Aid & Medicines in School Policy for further information.

Children's Health/Immunisation Teams

Under Government guidance, the Children's Health Team carries out height and weight checks twice during a child's time at primary school, in FS and Y6.  Advance notice is always given and parents' permission will be obtained.  The school can make referrals to the Children's Health Team for health assessments as necessary including hearing tests.  Concerns regarding vision should be referred to an optician.  The Immunisation Team visit annually to administer flu vaccines to children; advance notice is given with permission obtained.

UK Health Security Agency

This agency has replaced Public Health England.  The school follows the agency's guidelines on exclusion periods for infectious diseases.  For further information click on this link here