The school offers a whole range of activities during lunchtime.  If the weather is fit for the children to go outside, they can choose to go on the field and play football, use the adventure/trim trail, play in the willow tunnels or just play.  If the children are on the playground, there are plenty of activities available to them including stilts, hoops, tennis, basketball, giant Connect 4, crazy golf, giant snakes and ladders and giant ludo etc. 

In wet weather, the children remain in their classroom where there are a variety of activities including boardgames, colouring, reading etc from which the children choose.

In KS2 the older children in the school are encouraged to help the younger children in in several ways:

Playground Buddies

Year 4 and 5 children operate a playground buddies scheme in the playgrounds at lunchtime and break time, assisting the staff on duty.  Their role is to support younger children under the close supervision of staff members.

Playground Leaders

At the end of Year 5, the children are encouraged to train as Young Leaders.  This award involves six training sessions of one hour each.  When qualified, the children run lunchtime play and games in both key stages and control the use of the adventure playground, under the supervision of a staff member.  They also take other responsibilities as required.

Social Integration coaches (SICs)

Many of our Teaching Assistants (TAs) also work as SICs at playtimes and lunchtimes.  Their role involves supporting positive play and relationships in a variety of ways and extends to 1:1 support of children who find it particularly difficult to mix well with other children in the playground.