My name is Lauren Sambrook and I am the subject leader for science at Malcolm Sargent Primary School. I am passionate about science because it nurtures the natural curiosity which children have about the world around them and develops the skills they need to answer these questions. 

The pupils at our school study six science topics across a year. These topics aim to develop the children’s scientific enquiry skills as well as their knowledge. 







 We believe in inspiring the children through hands-on and engaging teaching which enables the children to explore the world using practical investigation to answer the questions they have. As the children move up the school, they are encouraged to investigate questions with increasing independence to develop their working scientifically skills.



We also conduct school visits and field trips, including spending time outside on the school grounds, ensuring that these experiences are closely aligned to the skills and knowledge the children are learning in that year group. In Year 5, the children are able to visit a local secondary school to experience the subjects in science explicitly as the three individual subjects of chemistry, physics and biology.

Our science scheme provides the structure for our learning, guaranteeing that there is a progression of knowledge and skills as the children advance through the school. This is important as some topics are taught multiple times through the science primary curriculum; the scheme ensures that the knowledge covered in these topics progresses, building on what the children have learnt in previous year groups.

Y1 Science Progression Framework

Y2 Science Progression Framework

Y3 Science Progression Framework

Y4 Science Progression Framework

Y5 Science Progression Framework

Y6 Science Progression Framework

If you have any queries about our science curriculum or feel you have a particular scientific skill/knowledge and would like to volunteer your time to run an assembly or workshop, please contact us on or 01780 756056.