Writing is more than the recording of meaningful letters or characters that constitute readable matter. It is the ability to effectively communicate ideas, information and opinions through the printed word, in a wide range of contexts and across all curriculum areas.

The ability to write is fundamental to pupils' development as independent learners. We believe that writing should be both inspiring yet challenging in enabling our pupils to become motivated and adept writers in any given situation.

We use the National Curriculum age related expectations and objectives to ensure children acquire age related expectations in Writing and SpaG, by the time they leave Primary education, wherever this potential is possible.

Initially children are taught the skills to communicate their ideas, to make meaningful marks and develop their fine motor skills and control. Children continue to develop skills in their presentation of writing and of their ideas through writing.

Children develop skills in understanding the purpose of the writing, the intended audience, and how this impacts on the nature of the writing content and style. They develop skills in communicating their ideas with increasing awareness of the audience and skills in manipulating the style and content for its impact on the reader - writing for a variety of reasons, in a variety of styles.

Alongside this, skills are taught to assist children in developing style and purpose within their writing, such as spelling, grammar and punctuation, word, sentence and text level structures and literary devices to create an effect (the mechanics of writing).

Children learn how writing requires ‘crafting’ through a constant process of revision, editing and improvement. Children are taught how to analyse and critique, to talk about their own writing using the correct vocabulary, and other children’s and how to use skills and ideas from their reading of high quality texts.

(Please also refer to the Writing Procedure for full details of how this is delivered across the school).