Throughout Key Stage 1 we encourage the children to grow in independence and develop positive attitudes to all aspects of school life.  Particular emphasis is given to sharing, tolerance and respect for others.  Each child is accepted as an individual with different strengths, needs and interests. Contributions are valued and achievements celebrated.  We have high expectations for all children.

The curriculum is carefully planned to offer a wide range of experiences.  Relevant skills, concepts and knowledge are introduced in stimulating ways.  Children are encouraged to discuss their work and record their findings appropriately.  Great importance is placed on good home/school liaison.  Parents are encouraged to participate in their children’s learning both at school and home.

We are pleased to provide you with information about this term’s curriculum in each year group.

Below, you will find a link that will take you to a curriculum offer presentation, put together by your child’s class teacher.

The first page details a standard timetable for your child this half term, with an overview of the exciting topics, skills and knowledge being covered in each subject.

If you like to dive further into the details around a particular subject, we would encourage you to look through the rest of the presentation, where subject specialists or the teachers that have planned the work this half term, discuss the exact content and skills being taught, the vocabulary being covered and any exciting events and experiences that are linked with the subject!

We hope that this new curriculum offer format provides you with a detailed and useful look into your child’s learning.

Y1W - Autumn Term 1 2021 - Curriculum Offer

Y1T/H - Autumn Term 1 2021 - Curriculum Offer

Y1E - Summer Term 2 2021 - Curriculum Offer

Y1E - Summer Term 1 2021 - Curriculum Offer

Y1O - Summer Term 1 2021 - Curriculum Offer

Y1C - Summer Term 1 2021 - Curriculum Offer

Y1E - Spring Term 2 2021 Curriculum Offer

Y1O - Spring Term 2 2021 Curriculum Offer

Y1C - Spring Term 2 2021 Curriculum Offer

Below, you will find further details of this year groups curriculum.  For an overview of all of the topics covered across the year please click on the long term plan attachment below.  The timetables that have been produced for each half term can also be found below.  










Miss Emily Olver





Mrs Kerry Thomson

Head of Year


Mrs Alison Harrison







Mr Jake Walton