Children are taught skills in how to use ICT as a tool to support and further their own learning in all curriculum areas. It is used to enhance children’s handling and analysis of data and numbers in for example mathematics, science and geography, using spreadsheets.  Skills are taught to support children’s development and manipulation of written content across a range of subjects, to design writing for a range of purposes that combines text with images, or manipulation of structures through a word processor or publishing software. ICT is used to support children’s research and information retrieval from the world wide web and through databases, and used to communicate via email, blogs and instant messaging. ICT is also used to teach skills in controlling devices, giving instructions, to model outcomes and to plan, using control and modelling software. ICT teaches children the skills to create their own tools for a purpose through programming simple codes and instructions. Throughout the acquisition of these skills, our Safeguarding Policy ensures children learn how to use ICT in a safe, acceptable and responsible manner, (please refer to the E-Safety & Acceptable Use Procedures).